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Sky TV Bath

Sky TV Installation

Sky is the UK’s most popular home entertainment system, offering a massive selection of channels with packages customisable to suit all tastes, plus outstanding 99% satellite reception coverage.

Satellite Aerial Solutions have years of experience in the installation, set-up, upgrade and general maintenance of Sky Satellite Television packages.

We can customise each installation to the needs of your home, and will gladly install in any property regardless of access or listed building issues- unlike Sky’s own installers.

Sky TV BathSky TV Bath

SKY Plus +

Sky+ is a revolutionary system which allows the viewer to pause, rewind, record and playback LIVE TV via the Sky Plus box. Its huge hard drive also allows you to record TV programmes in advance- even providing the ability to record an entire series at the touch of a button; automatically detecting and adjusting the recording time with any changes to the programming schedule.

Upgrading to Sky Plus+ will require an upgrade to your Sky mini dish as well as a new Sky Plus+ Receiver Box.

SKY Multiroom

Many households have multiple TV sets positioned around the home. Sky Multiroom allows you to enjoy the benefits of Sky programming from more than one room in the house with the addition of multiple receivers.


Sky Plus+ new HD Box brings HD quality television to every home. It offers sharper images, more vibrant colours and up to 4 times the picture detail of normal TV. The HD box comes with all the benefits of the standard Sky+ box, but with double the storage capacity!

To upgrade to Sky+ HD, you will need to upgrade to and install a Sky HD receiver as well as a compatible HD TV.